Congress 2019 – Innovations in colorectal surgery

Proud to announce we will once again host an exciting congress:

Innovations in Colorectal Surgery

Our next congress will be on Friday March 29th, 2019. With a focus on innovations in colorectal surgery this offers the opppurtunity to attend state of the art lectures in Minimal invasive strategies, new anatomical perspectives, innovations in Imaging, the evolving aspect of social media and online education!

PDF of program

International Faculty: Felix Aigner, Geerard Beets, Willem Bemelman, Jaap Bonjer, Richard Brady, Walter Brunner, Manish Chand, Peter Chien-Chih Chen, Masaaki Ito, Werner Kneist, Joep Knol, Antonio Lacy, Simon Ng, Pieter Tanis, Erik van Westreenen and others

* Live Surgery * performed by renowned expert colorectal surgeons from the Amsterdam UMC location AMC & VUmc

Amsterdam Skill Centre; a brand-new large scale training center which offers one of the largest cadaver training facilities.

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Jurriaan Tuynman, Colin Sietses, Roel Hompes, Jaap Bonjer

Stefan van Oostendorp &  Nina Sluiter