Proctoring & Monitoring


We aim to educate experienced colorectal surgeons who are willing to perform this technique in their practice. Therefore we offer proctorships in addition to the course to guide the surgeon and her/his team to adapt the technique in her/his own clinic. All participating surgeons will be offered a proctoring program including five or more visits of international accredited proctors helping to set up the program in their own Hospital. Protocols will be handed out and team training will be included. In collaboration with Imperial College the quality of the procedure is assessed using an recently developed objective video assessment tool in order to achieve best quality surgery and patient care. The proctoring can be partly sponsored by industry. Special arrangements can be made in collaboration with the industry in collaboration with the VUmc. In order to apply for TaTME proctorship the center has to fulfill volume criteria, two surgeon training and the hands-on-course is required.


For detailed information please use contact information below.


The course faculty and proctors

• Pascal Doornebosch; faculty and proctor

• Eelco de Graaf; course faculty and proctor

• Roel Hompes; course faculty and proctor

• Steven Oosterling; course faculty and proctor

• Colin Sietses; course faculty and proctor

• Hein Stockmann; course faculty and proctor

• Jurriaan Tuynman; course faculty and proctor

• Ronald Vuylsteke; course faculty and proctor



• Anouk Derks; course co-ordinator

• Ron de Hoon; manager



TaTME education office
T: +31 (0)20 4444 400
Department of surgery
VU medical Center
Boelelaan 1117
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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