Course Program

Course program

Day 1:

  • Welcome and coffee @ VUmc foyer 7B
  • General introduction:
    • Case introduction
    • Course introduction
  • Lectures: rectal cancer diagnosis and treatment, specific techniques and outcomes early cancer
  • Live surgery
  • Lunch (Colloquium)
  • Lectures: specific techniques and outcomes in Low rectal cancer
    • TATA, intersphincteric approach, extralevator
      approaches and reconstructions
    • Lateral lymph node dissection; when and how
  • End of day 1



Day 2:

  • Welcome and coffee
  • Pelvic Anatomy lecture
  • Step by Step TAMIS approach proctectomy benign and cancer
  • Step by step LOREC intersfincteric dissection; TATA
  • Step by step perineal reconstruction , ELAP
  • Coffee
  • cadaver training; Splenic flexure abdominal approach of TME,
    TAMIS local excision
  • Lunch (Skillslab)
  • Continuation of hands on training; Pelvic approach TATA, ELAP , pelvic reconstruction
  • Evaluation and how to continue
  • End of day 2

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