Review Amsterdam TaTME congress 2015

Dear colleagues and friends,

Last May we organised the first TaTME congress in the VU University Medical Center including lectures of experts in the field of rectal cancer regarding diagnosis, pathology and treatment including radiotherapy and surgery. We focused on the TaTME technique including LIVE 3D surgery and lectures of the surgical experts in TaTME.

We appreciate all the efforts made by all participants to share their opinions and knowledge.

In this post we would like to outline the reviews of TaTME congress given by 74 participants. The participants had the choice to rate all lectures poor, below average, average, good or excellent. The chosen ratings are shown as a percentage of the total participants in a graph below the concerning the topic.

1. Low rectal cancer; diagnostics
Lectures by Prof. Beets, Prof. Beets, Drs. Deijen.

Rating by participants

2. TaTME; the evidence
Lectures by Prof. Lacy, Dr. Van Geluwe.

Rating by participants

3. TaTME in practice
Lectures by Dr. Knol, Dr. Sietses, Dr. Sylla, Dr. Hompes, Dr. Wolthuis, Prof. Dapri.

Rating by participants

4. Live 3D TaTME
Surgeons: Dr Tuynman, Dr Meijerink, Dr van den Heuvel

Rating by participants

5. Future Developments
Lectures by Prof. Hanna, Dr. Tsai, Prof. Bonjer.

Rating by participants

We are very happy that this TaTME congress is rated with an average of 8.5 out of 10.

Some suggestions for improvement
– Less repeating by adjusting the presentations.
– More space for questions during live surgery and direct communication from audience to the OR.
– Shorten presentation to allow more interactions.
– Improve communication with the OR.

If you have any remarks in retrospect, you are welcome to email us.

We will use these remarks to improve the next congress in 2016!

With best regards,

On behalf of the rectal cancer surgery faculty,

Jurriaan Tuynman
Colin Sietses
Jeroen Meijerink
Jaap Bonjer
Charlotte Deijen

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