TaTME courses in Amsterdam 

Surgery for rectal cancer is evolving using the newest minimal invasive single port platforms. This has led to transanal single port laparoscopy employing a reversed total mesorectal excision; the TaTME. The procedure has gained significant interest of colorectal surgeons and beyond since the new technique opens up new possibilities enabling high quality dissection in small difficult area’s. It has shown to result in better dissection of the low rectal cancers and has shown to have favorable outcome for patients . The VU University Medical Center with Jurriaan Tuynman, Jaap Bonjer, Jeroen Meijerink and Colin Sietses have performed more than 100 procedures and have published scientific research concerning colorectal surgery and TATME. The department of Surgery at VU University Medical Center Amsterdam have set up a well evaluated TaTME course which has currently been given six times. Our group is internationally involved in TaTME courses, the collaborative TATME group  and we are faculty in expert-teaching TaTME centers in Europe.

This TaTME VUmc Amsterdam course is an intensive two-day, hands on course which enables surgeons to become familiar with ins and outs of the TaTME (trans anal reversed total mesorectal excision) technique. This requires both single port and specific anatomical and technical skills.

We focus to a small group of participants ensuring optimal feedback and discussions.

formbgThe first day is a combination of a live TaTME procedure in theatre, lectures and discussions involving technique and pitfalls of TaTME surgery. A realistic BOX training with animal bowel will be used for the SILS technique and pursestring technique on the first day. The second day the surgeons will have hands-on cadaver training with proctors after a demonstration of the anatomy. In the cadaver lab the procedural setup, the purse string suture, the dissection and the anastomosis can be trained in fresh frozen cadavers, 2 surgeons/cadaver. A website with full accessible information and newsletters will support the course. We aim to educate experienced colorectal surgeons who are willing to perform this technique in their practice. Therefore we offer proctorships to guide the surgeon and her/his team to adapt the technique in her/his own clinic.

We offer a parallel course on the first day for the scrub team; The TaTME procedure is a team effort; Optimal theatre setup and protocol will be teached to the scrubteam including instrument use and specific aspects of insuflation, energy and stapling techniques will be covered. The first day we offer specific technical scrub-course in the Amstel Academy. The second day the scrub nurse will participate in the hands on cadaver training. During the lectures there will be time for product information and lessons for both surgeons and scrub team. During the hands on cadaver training the industry is encouraged to help and participate in the course. At the end of the first day we have organized a social program which includes a diner and sightseeing in the canals of Amsterdam.

Co-operation with us  will be an unique opportunity to exchange thoughts how new developments in technology can be translated to daily clinical practice. We would like to collaborate with you during substantial time which allows a reliable partnership in clinical education. Patient safety is primary goal. Introduction of new surgical technology has to be accompanied with training guidance and monitoring in order to achieve patient safety and better surgical outcome.

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