TaTME Updated Course

Our TaTME course has received some updates and we have introduced a new course for advanced surgeons.

Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (TaTME) is a promising technique for difficult mid and rectal tumours but the surgical method is demanding and is associated with a relative long learning curve with the potential of TaTME specific complications. A training curriculum consisting of theoretical education, online modules, live surgery and hands on model and cadaver-based training together with onsite proctoring has shown to result in a short learning curve and safe implementation

  • We offer the entire curriculum from theory to hands on proctoring.
  • We offer a beginners course and a more advanced course.

The beginners course is aimed at colorectal surgeons who have experience in laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery, some TAMIS experience and want to start with the TaTME technique. We strongly encourage to bring a colleague and members of the scrub team since the technique in the two team setting is a real team effort.  The course is a two day event with live surgery, theory, model and cadaver-based training with experienced international faculty.

The advanced course is aimed for colorectal surgeons who have introduced the TaTME technique but want to improve the technique, discuss difficulties and learn more detailed knowledge. Of course, they have experience in laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery, TAMIS and are in the learning curve of TaTME. The course includes a difficult live case, theory and an adjusted cadaver-based training with male cadavers and an intersphincteric TaTME approach will be practiced or adjusted to your special needs. An experienced international faculty will be there to guide you and discuss specific problems.

In both courses, surgeons will be able to bring a colleague as an observer who will participate in the course except for the cadaver-based training.

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